About us


Mo und Martin anlässlich CD-Taufe

Monica plays music, she organises, sells, administers and much more.

Martin plays music with soloing, he’s doing concepts, he arranges,  teaches, organises and much more.

Guiding principles, experienced in the carribean, that we like to take over.

  • It’s nice to be nice (Dimples,Store Bay, Tobago)
  • We not I (Starlift Steelband, Port of Spain, Trinidad)

Our stadeside Steelband: www.extempo.ch
Martin Grah plays drums and percussion at the trio Seger, Seger & Grah: www.farbit.ch
Martin R. Lehner: www.cme-lehner.ch
Enzo Lopardo: www.boombeat.ch
The swiss steelband assissiation: www.panch.ch

Poet and Peasant, Franz von Suppé

We have participated many times at steelband events in Trinidad and Tobago, usualy at competitions. The following two links refer to two pages from the site of our Extempo steelband. Some of our projects are documented there with videos, text (in german) and fotos.

Panch2000 is practising at the Starlift panyard in PoS

Martin, Monica, Daniel and his wife Yvonne (and further more of our stadeside Extempo Stellband) played with Panch2000 at the World Steelband Festival 2000 in Trinidad und Tobago:

–> Panch2000 at WSF 2000 in Trinidad and Tobago


Mo and Christine play in London with Pantonic at Nottinghill Carnival 1998

Monica and Martin (and further more from the Extempo Steelband) took part at the Panorama at Nottinghill Carnical in London:

–> International competitions in Trinidad or London

Fotos: Impressions from our travelling to the Caribbean: